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  Frequently Asked Questions

•  Why should I send my patients' biopsies, cytologies and Pap smears to Aquinas Pathology?

We are an experienced team of pathologists whose background covers the gamut of commonly seen pathology specimens. Because we are local, we can provide customized treatment for each client, tailoring everything from reports to courier service to your needs.

•  What about supplies, requisitions, fixative bottles, etc?

We supply all the necessary forms, Pap smear collection kits and fixative bottles, free of charge, delivered by our courier as required.

•  What if my patient needs a subspecialty pathologist?

Through our training at major medical centers (see individual biographies) and long experience, we have developed a network of nationally and internationally recognized experts to whom we can refer cases for a prompt opinion. Though most cases do not require this sort of treatment, it is always available.

Remember, when your patient's biopsy needs a subspecialist review, you want the best person for the job, not just anyone with board certification. We have the ability to identify and access exactly the right expert for any case, often the person who literally “wrote the book” on the particular subject.

•  What about specialized testing for my patient's specimen (for example, HPV testing on Pap smear specimens, or molecular testing on certain biopsy specimens)?

All types of specialized testing can be obtained with rapid turnaround either in-house or through our referral network, either by request or automatically by a “reflex” rule tailored to your specification. An example would be the automatic referral of certain abnormal Pap smears for HPV testing, if desired.

•  Other questions?

E-mail us, or call 978-687-0156 x2455 to speak to Lorraine or Dr. Ross.
We'll be happy to help you.

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